Custom Fabrication.


Most of our projects don't fit in a box. When there is a need for something custom we are able to provide design savvy and well engineered solutions. Whether its security equipment, AV devices, lighting fixtures or one-of-kind presentation elements we pride ourselves on being able to turn key the fixtures and furnishings that distinguish our clientelle. 

Floating light fixture


This light fixture was created as a focal point to hang over the bar/reception area of our client's west coast flagship office. The piece is made of powder coated aluminum and dimmable 2700k incadescent lights. 


Project Cost: $2,400.00



Custom security barriers


This custom built gate was installed to prevent access to the top floors of a sensitive client space through an existing stairwell. The project took 2 weeks to design, 5 days to build and 2 days to install. It was furnished with a push bar exit device and RFID card reader for access. 


Project Cost: $10,000.00