White Papers

by the professor & the engineer

TV Specifications & Reviews


Here we discuss the meaning and value of the different tv specifications followed by our own reviews of the top 3 consumer grade devices.

Surround Sound vs "Surround Sound"


A lot has been made of surround sound and the market has expanded all the way to 11.2 channel consumer grade platforms. Here, Digital Trends analyzes the value, science, and differences between pro-audio surround sound and your brother-in-laws "awesome system".

Construction: Misc


While I despise miscellaneous categories, I also appreciate efficiency. This is where I will throw reference materials regarding construction methods, best practices and definitions. Starting with one of my favorites: 

-Finish Levels

-TV + Hi Speed Camera

The how and why of Wi-Fi


Not all wifi is the same. Here we explore the differences. To make an informed decision you have to be informed.